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If you want to start playing cricket but don't know where to start, then you are in the right direction.
Shri Balaji Cricket Academy will benefit every player technically, mentally, physically and also improve their confidence. Shri Balaji Cricket Academy has various levels of coaching through our programme.
At Shri Balaji Cricket Academy we also encourage girls to learn and play cricket, from where the final destination is to play for the National Team.

Batting Skills
Everybody loves scoring runs (even bowlers) and it just so happens that players with the correct batting technique are more likely to consistently contribute to the team score. To help you improve your technique we have put together some basic cricket batting tips to get you on the right track.

Bowling Skills
If you are looking to take more wickets and tie the batsmen in knots… you have come to the right place. The following bowling tips are designed to provide you with the basic techniques whether you are a fast bowler, swing bowler or spinner.
Specialist Fast and Spin Bowling Program are based on biomechanics.
Designed for cricketers who's interest are focused on the areas of fast bowling and spin bowling. This special event programs focus on developing the correct technique to optimize performance, prevent injury and develop tactical awareness.
Our Specialist Programs offer an outstanding opportunity for players to invest in their skills while working closely with an expert coach.
The Run Up, Delivery Stride and Basic Action, Wrist Action, Follow Through, Out Swinger, In Swinger, Seam Bowling, Off Cutter, Leg Cutter, Yorker, Bouncer, Reverse Swing, Off Spin, Leg Spin, Googly.
Things To Remember : Basics, Run up, Rhythm and Follow-throw.

Fielding Skills
Fielding techniques are one of the basic skills you must learn in order to excel at the sport of cricket. Once you have perfected the basics, you should continue to regularly practice your fielding skills to ensure you are successful in your cricket.

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