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We Indians are one insists of having the so many religious as well as the cultures and the languages to. But at this time there are only two types of Indians- one is who is having the passion of the cricket as well as lovers of the crickets. And for the Indians it is a great passion for this game.

They all spend so much of time and energy too on this game. They also spent money also riding on this game and peoples are very much excited for this game as there are so many ‘cricket school’ are available in every city. Unluckily, there aren’t so many schools in the nation; luckily there is plentiful cricketing aptitude and lots of excitement to do extremely well in the game.

If someone is looking for the good academy for your child or recognize of a kid with the bravery to be an expectations such as Tendulkar, Dhoni or Kumble, we are here for what you are looking for.  To be a 'great or successful cricketer' there is a very long way prospective cricketer. To achieve this level they have to take coaching from the experts, top cricketers in the earth, services and infrastructure identical global levels, and a dependable touching and psychological hold up organization that agree to him to flower as an proficient sportsman.

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   Mr. Rakesh Chopra ( MD )

For the entire promising cricketer who needs a 'coach', for them SHRI BALAJI CRICKET ACADEMY is the only place who will fulfill their ambitions. SHRI BALAJI CRICKET ACADEMY ­ has been envisaged to turn into the leading development foundation for young and as well as for the growing talent of the area. With the help of this website I would like help all the cricket lovers that the Shri Balaji Cricket Academy, the motto of this academy is how they can achieve their goal in the future. And the vision of this academy is very clear that is we make your signature into an autograph. This is the dream which I really what to share the dream of my student with him so that I can show them a right way.

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